We believe that Christianity is a relationship –
something that touches the mind and the heart. Why not come and visit us?

Our 20th Anniversary Mass

Mass Times

Saturday – Vigil Mass 6.00pm
Sunday –   11.00am & 6.00pm
Mass with children’s liturgy 11.00am  on Sunday

Sacrament of Reconciliation 15/20 minutes prior to weekend Masses

DURING THE WEEK PLEASE DO NOT park in the Heronsbridge school grounds.

Intention for Prayer from the Holy Father

Marriage care

“Do you have relationship problems? If so, Marriage Care have a team of voluntary counsellors trained to help you.
We are a nationwide group with over 65 years of experience.
Don’t struggle alone…. make an appointment for help on 0800 389 3801 www.marriagecare.org.uk”

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Funeral Announcements

EU Settlement Scheme

EEA and Swiss citizens, and their family members in the UK, will need to apply to secure their rights through a free, simple, digital system. This will give them a status in UK law, once we leave the EU. There is plenty of time to apply – in a deal scenario, the date for applications to be made is 30 June 2021. In a no deal, applicants have until 31 December 2020.

Irish citizens do not need to apply to the EU Settlement Scheme to protect their status and rights. They are covered by Common Travel Area (CTA) arrangements.                                                                           

Home Secretary, Priti Patel, announced on 9 October 2019, that there have been 2 million applications to the EU Settlement Scheme. This means that there are an estimated 1 million EU Citizens still to apply. These may include vulnerable people such as the homeless, disabled and elderly. Many of these vulnerable people may be members of our parishes and may have applied already. Those who hold Permanent Residence will need to convert this to settled status, by applying to the EU Settlement Scheme. Others may not be aware of the need to apply, or require particular assistance. These could include people who are elderly, housebound, live in a Care Home, have poor English skills or need a translator, have poor, or no, computer or digital skills, are homeless.

If you know of anyone this may apply to then please help them to find members of the parish or a charity who have the appropriate skills to work with them.

Wales EU Citizens Settlement Scheme

St Mary’s Catholic Church

Our Church building is a real focal point on Ewenny Road.  The round tower, built from the Ewenny stone of the original church, with the cross, made locally at Merthyr Mawr, illuminated at night, is a fine symbol of our Catholic Faith.

The fine artwork in our church and the offering of the Mass and other Sacraments, the quiet prayer as people call into the church to pray before the Blessed Sacrament and the enjoyable gatherings and meetings in our parish hall, all remind us of the joy, beauty and liveliness of our faith.

Of course, we are the living stones of the Church.  St Mary’s is not just a building, a meeting place, a hall or community centre.  It is where we come together and where we encounter the living God and worship Him and share our faith with others.  It is a consecrated and holy place.  At its centre are the Tabernacle and altar, where we encounter the Living Presence of Jesus Christ. All are welcome – it is He who welcomes us and calls us to welcome others.

The parish supplies a chaplaincy at the Princess of Wales Hospital, it is important that if you have a family member or a friend admitted that would like to see the Chaplain please inform Father Tim McGrath on 01656 652034

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There is a long history of Catholicism around the Bridgend area.

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