Dear Parishioners,

The parishes have now launched the beginning of our synodal journey. This is a unique global Church initiative which will help to renew and revitalise our Church for the good of all its members; including those who feel on the margins.

The synodal journey is seeking to positively affect the direction of our Church, as it steers its way into the 3rd Millenium; helping us to be more receptive and sensitive to the voices of our parish community and the wider environment.

I would like to re-emphasise that this journey for us here at St Mary’s, Our Lady Star of the Sea& St Joseph’s of Arimathea, is an all-inclusive, all parishioner movement. For it to be successful, we must encourage everyone to play a part.

For us, the Synod message begins in our parish, but in order for it to truly bear the intended fruits, it has to go out beyond our own communities.

In the coming weeks and months, (along with our growing team and your help), we will be actively exploring, listening and discerning many opportunities to grow, and mature both our faith and relationships with each-other.

Although this initial period is short, the entire synodal journey will be completed in 2023. This provides us with  a clear opportunity to clarify our parish vision.

Thank you all so much in anticipation of your positive response to this huge opportunity for our Church.

Every Blessing

Father Tim McGrath

Parish Priest

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